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Thursday, March 29, 2007


My Thursday Thirteen is on About ICL

New photos on
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Found at Pam's:

Which Irish Goddess Are You? (awesome pics)

You are Danu, the great earth goddess who rules over fertility, prosperity and cattle. Moo? In any event, you are the power that is in the land, never to be overcome by mortals. Your power is in the imagination of those who see magic in the twilight mist between the worlds. You're also the mother and daughter of Dagda, which is quite a neat trick. As a Mother Goddess, you are renowned for suckling godlets. There are still two hills in County Kerry still known as the Paps of Danu. Not much for modesty, now are we, Danu?
Take this quiz!



Pam said...

Oh..you fertile wanton thing you...

Pam said...

Something else I noticed...both pictures of our goddesses go really well with our blog backgrounds...respectively. Interesting huh?

that frolicsome kid said...

Whoopsie... I think you need to resize the picture; it's clashing with your blog post below. (I'm using Firefox by the way.) ;)

0cean Lady said...

Mine says "Aibell". Such beautiful pictures! I posted on my blog too. :-)

Bob-kat said...

I took the quiz but not exactly sure this totally reflects me!

You are Badb, a goddess of war who often takes on the form of a crow, hence your nickname: Badb Catha (battle crow). Lover of conflict and carnage-- you even grace the battle field with your presence in that the role of mere observer doesnt squelch your taste for blood. Not always a fair player, you often cause confusion among soldiers to move the tide of battle to your favored side. Needless to say, people would far rather have you for a friend than an enemy.

I'm actually much nicer than that! Perhaps it's my mood at the moment?! This essay and the recent wrangle with insurance have left me a little fiesty! Thanks for dropping by and wishing me well :-)