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Tuesday, April 03, 2007

2k Bloggers asks "What's Your Blog Worth?"

2k Bloggers asks "What's Your Blog Worth?"

My blog is worth $243,316.74.
How much is your blog worth?

$243K. But it doesn't feel like more than 5 bucks!! lmao

How does your blog benefit you?
It's a way of documenting my legacy which otherwise I would not get around to doing. It's also a way to sort out some things going on in my life and in my head. Deep stuff. Mostly, I like to use humour. If it's funny in my head, that's good enough for me.

Does it make you happy?
Sometimes yes, sometimes no. On the whole I think yes, but I'm really not sure yet. I've 'wasted' a lot of time blogging this past year. Not sure if I'm happier or less happier because of it.

Does it earn you friends and admirers?
Yes, I have met some dear friends.

Does it improve your writing?
I think it does. I now know that I enjoy writing, anyways.

Does it keep you up-to-date on news and technology?
Yes, I've learned a lot about html and lots of neat things on the internet. I've also learned a lot about other worldly events that I probably wouldn't have if I had not been blogging!

How does your blog benefit others?
I guess I'd have to ask my readers. I'd like to think it does but that would be too presumptuous of me. Internets? Your turn to talk....

Does it provide valuable information for free?
I do provide information here. It's free. Is it valuable? Again, refer to question above.

Does it speak for the speechless?
My blog, being a personal one is not about a cause or anything, so I'd have to answer no.

Does it make people think?
I hope some of my posts do. I like to share life's lessons in a humourous way. I also like to share my spirtuality in a non-confrontational manner. To each his own, I just want others to know that there is a way for them. All they have to do is ask.


Lisa said...

Your blog benefits me by giving me a big smile and a laugh- priceless! Way more than $243K!!


Tug said...

I get the smile, the warmth, the laugh, and I learn stuff, too! I think I've made a 'blogger friend' that if I ever met in person I'd really like. It's awesome!

Bob-kat said...

It makes me smile when you visit my blog and I like coming to see you. Of course it's beneficial :-)

My blog appears to be worth a pittance at $17,500.74 but it's worth more than that to me. Just goes to show, there is more to life than money as your answers to the questions show! I might post about this soon :-)

Gattina said...

I just wanted to inform you that I closed my window, because it starts to rain ! lol ! Isn't that great that now you know that I am sitting in Belgium and can tell you in Canada that my window had to be closed ?? When 40 years ago it took 2 weeks for a letter to get to you ??
Vive l'Internet !!!

claudie said...

Bonjour Irish Church Lady
I begin only to blog and I've not all the time I 'd like to have to progress, learn etc... I thing, i will change msn but I wait my holidays...I have super friends now like you on the web. I learn so much, laugh...It's very good to be in good spitit!
As Gattina said in her comment:
"Vive l'internet!"

Dayngr said...

Congrats on the whopping worth! Love the look of your blog too.

Cheeky said...

OH YES! I am an admirer!!!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Lisa ~ you always make me feel good girl and the feeling is mutual BTW!!

Tug ~ you said it gf and have I told you I love your voice lately?? lol

Bob Kat ~ Wow girl! You have such a great blog and so many readers and you haven't even been blogging for that long. I am in awe of your blog and I love the colours in it too! Don't change them without my permission 'kay? lol

Gattina ~ you are so funny!!! Don't forget to tell me when you take a crap alright!! lmao

Claudie ~ I totally agree. I would blog back in French to you but I'd probably screw it up and say "up yours" or something. lol

dayngr ~ why thanks chum. I like the look of yours too when I popped on by!

Cheekster ~ where the hell have you been?! he he he

kailani said...

Does blogging make me happy? That's a good question. I don't know if I'm happier but I'm definitely addicted. Sometimes I want to take a break but then I worry about all the hard work I've already put in going down the drain. For me it's either all or nothing.

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Kailani ~ I feel exactly the same way. I'm the type of gal that if you're gonna do something do it well or not at all. I wish I could be a bit more non chalant about it all.

Your blog is so lovely though. I can appreciate all the hard work you put into it and I often wonder how you do it with a young family and a job that takes you away and all.