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Monday, August 07, 2006

Manic Monday - Back to School

From the fabulous Fleur de Lisa at http://manicmondaymeme.blogspot.com/

1. Did you look forward to going back to school each year or did you dread it?
2. What was your favorite item of school supplies to purchase each fall?
3. Did you go shopping for new clothes for school, and if so did you enjoy the process?

I always looked forward to it. After goofing off having a busy but relaxing summer, going to the cottage, working as I got older, I was ready to party refreshed and wanting to get back with my friends tackle school again and renew old acquaintances.

I particularly loved getting the trendiest style in jeans and cords new back to school clothes which cost a fortune for my poor mum I graciously offered to pay for from my summer earnings. Part of the gotta look cool renewal process I guess.

My favourite type of school supply was permanent magic markers that I inhaled more than wrote with.

I loved the attention that I used to get from the principals staff when I would be sent to casually hang out in their office(s) pretending as we were such good friends.

I dated talked the a$$ ear off my teacher one year, for which I was graciously rewarded with the best hickymark in the class, because he saw me as so willing to put out mature and good with my mouth eloquent. I never forgot him for what he gave me the - crabs cards to my future, and for this I am ever tainted thankful.


kimmyk said...

No you didn't!

You did? A teacher? I remember there was this HOT English teacher when I was in high school. He was having a thing with one of the seniors...or so the rumor went.

lol @ sniffin the markers. you nut.

Cheeky said...

Nothing like the fresh new smell scent of permanent markers....aaahhhhh

Charmed1 said...

You are such a nut!! Entirely to funny!!!

Cat. said...



Lady Starlight said...


The Naked Nerd said...

OMG Nerd runs away screaming! AHAHAH Tags make me curl up in a ball, suck my thumb, and cry.

mist1 said...

I never knew...my, my, my icl...

Tina Frawley said...

Lol......too funny! You rebel!

Lisa said...

I'd have to say you have the best answers of all my Manic Monday players this week. I'm still laughing as I write this- you nut!

happy and blue 2 said...

LOL..This post is hilarious..