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Monday, August 07, 2006

I'm awake ....

... but only because I don't have to work tomorrow! Na na na boo boo!

(plus I had a long nap this evening after some afternoon delight but that's TMI so forget I said that)

Hey if you commented on my Thursday Thirteen about What I love and dislike about blogging go back and check out my comment back to you ~

What else is on me mind?

I found out yesterday that a lady from our church died of a sudden heart attack last week. She wasn't that old - in her fifties or sixties. There's nothing in the obituaries yet. I knew of her because she was involved in the church and ran the library. I did not know her well.

In late June I went to see her at the library after mass because they were looking for more volunteers and I thought this might be something I would like to do for a change from my usual volunteer work at the church (I'm in a bit of a rut on that ~ more on that some day).

Anyways she was happy to get a volunteer but she wanted me to do it for every 11:00 a.m. mass each Sunday. I told her I was going on holidays and she took my name and number and said for me to come back and see her later in July and she would train me.

Well I never went back to see her. I was intending to after the summer. It makes me sad that I lost this opportunity to interact with her further before she died.

Actually, truth be told, I was a little put off by her request that I needed to do the library every Sunday. I asked her if I could share with another person and we would alternate weeks or something. There was another lady standing right there who was perfectly willing to share the 11 a.m. mass with me.

Pat didn't seem too keen on the idea and so I thought to myself that I needed to think about it a little more but resolved that I would work with her to make sure that I was not on for doing it every week. I probably could do it every week, but I didn't want the pressure of having to do it every week, if you know what I mean!

I'm a little burned out on church volunteer work and politics which is why I thought the library work would just suit me fine. I need something I can do at mass, working with people and interacting with them. I want to get away from the (yawn*[see below]) committee work and finance work that I've been doing lately. I need to know that when I leave my work is done. I don't need the pressure of having to do work at home on top of my job and family, exercising and (god help me) blogging.

Not sure what will happen now. The announcement after mass was that the library would close indefinitely. I don't know anything about librarying. I wonder if they will want me to step in. I could carry on with my plan to work after mass but I don't think I will be able to head it up.

The good Lord knows what he wants me to do so I will wait for him to tell me. (Take your time, Lord)

RIP, Pat.


* P.S. My word verification is hugeyn (huge yawn!!) ha ha I often think he is talking to me through word verification and he always wants to show me his sense of humour. Either that or I'm nuts! I told you to take yer time, Lord! .......OK, ok, .....I'm know I'm not the boss of you!


kimmyk said...

Sorry to hear she died. Crazy-here one minute, gone the next.

I would love to do more volunteering work. I started giving up my time for lent this past year and have tried to keep it up. There are times when I see the senior centers phone number come up on my caller ID and I don't answer. Somedays, I'm just too tired. And selfish I guess. I should try harder...

Cat. said...

I too have burnt out on volunteering for things at work. Sometimes you need a break to take care of yourself. Don't let the guilt of saying no eat you up.

[I'm a fine one to talk, btw! :-)]

Cat. said...

...er, that should read "volunteering for things at church."

Whaddaya think? I spend too much time at my church, that it's now "work" to me?


Marisa said...

I finally added you to my blogroll.

Sorry to hear about your friend's passing.

I am laughing at your word verification -- sign from GOD. The Lord works in mysterious ways. LOL

Lisa said...

I'm so sorry to hear about your friend. I think the thing here is not to feel guilty but to use it as an opportunity to live life to its fullest. :-)

Happy Monday to you!

Wystful1 said...

Good Morning! That's kinda scary about Pat. (I'm in my late 50s!) But, I think it was her time and she now rests in peace.

About the volunteer work...I see there is nothing wrong with you wanting to volunteer on YOUR time!! I know, I know...it's 50/50 everyone should work together, but I see it as just that --- VOLUNTEERING. And I think you shouldn't have any qualms about how you felt. With a schedule that you have now, a few free moments for yourself is what HE would want you to have. Time will tell.

And, I dropped by to thank you for the vote of my PASS THE TORCH entry. I really appreciate it. Also, thanks for the lovely comment about my afghan too.

You really made my day!!

Oh, The Joys said...

Hooray for volunteering! I'm a big advocate!