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Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Survey Monkey

Today is Day 9

What is special today?

Well no video today. Hee

Instead something really special.

As part of my 25 Day countdown to numero 300 post, I am offering a survey on Blogging Time Management.

Help me help you to manage your blog time management. OK basically just help me. Anything you get out of the survey is gratuitous. :-)

Click here to take survey

You know you want to! :-

Happy Tuesday!

Have I told you that you internets ROCK, lately??

ROCK -----> see right

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Lisa said...

I took your survey m'dear. I forgot to add that I don't use Blogrolling since I switched to Word Press. I use a site called bloglines.com. I subscribe to my favorite blogs to read and the site automatically lets me know when the blogs are updated. Cool, eh? :-)
BTW- You ROCK too ICL!

Gattina said...

I am disappointed ! I filled in the answers and waited for a nice blogger profile (me) and what was there ? Nothing. Therefore I want to take over your cute surveyor, he has such a lovely face, you really can see where humans come from. He could sit in my garden and play with my cats.

mist1 said...

Did I pass?

Mr. Fabulous said...

I couldn't pass up the chance to answer rapturous questions!

happy and blue 2 said...

I also answered your survey. And no, you haven't told us we rock lately.
Well, except for the part on the comment section.
Anyways thanks, for telling us we rock. Woohoo..
umm.. you rock to. And your site looks nice..

Wethyb said...

I'm heeeeerreee! :) Okay I took your survey. Now you can relax :) hehe....okay so it was kinda fun :)

Hope you had a great Thanksgiving!!!

Gracie said...

Oh Oh Oh Oh Oh! I love the new layout!
The colors are terrific! It's sooo YOU! :) Off to take your survey...then if I have anything else to say..lol..I'll be back. Just had to toss out my first impression!


PS: Can I be a diamond? (rock) lol

Wystful1 said...

I did the survey earlier...hadda come back and let you know. Now, since I've completed the survey, I DO get a banana for a treat or something, yes?

Thanks for the comments you left in my blog....I bet your son's music is pretty cool!!! Ya, if it were me, I'd listen to my son's playing also!!! Now THAT is a different story!!!

Happy day to you.

Pam said...

Well Woman....you are a HOOT. A HOOT I tell you. I remember reading you back when you first came to blogger and I would pop in for PSH. You have really blossomed and I am sorry I haven't been a regular visitor to watch said blossoming.
You are the funny person I wish I could be. Well, I used to be funny. That's another and a long story.
I love the survey monkey thing. Not only did I do it...I found out how to make my own. Someday.
So...why in the wild, wide world of blogging do you want to know that stuff?? What are you gonna do with the info???
I had a link up for someone who was doing a research paper on blogging. It's in my November archives.
I will have to check and see how many posts I have done. How did you know how many? Where is that info?
Okay, I'm off like a herd of turtles.
Buíochas le Dia
(thank god)

Gattina said...

Thank you so much for all your comments ! I am purring. But I don't understand this survey thing, I thought it were a joke ! (I don't know anything besides innocent blogging)
I couldn't answer yesterday, my cat Lisa had pissed on my laptop (!!!) and I had to buy a new one ! (nice Christmas gift, especially when my "old one" was only 8 months old !)
So I had to use Mr. Gattinos computer and were without email until this morning ! Now I have to add all my favourites, fortunately my documents and photos can be recuperated. I will get them saturday. What a mess !