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Monday, December 18, 2006

Blogging Survey Results

So here's the summarized results from my FREE !! blogging survey about blogging. Very interestink! You will be subjected to my interpretive analysis of course, through my commentary.

Blog Update Frequency – How often do you post on your blog?

40% of the responders post mostly daily, and another 22% post daily for sure. WOW! I'm impressed! That's a lot of posting and a lot of reading to do. You guys sure aren't helping me on my blogging time management, ... yet.

Prime drivers for blogging
What are your main reasons for blogging? Please rank in order of priority.

64% chose personal journal as their prime reason for blogging and 34% picked creative writing / humour. Those two are the very clear top reasons of why people blog for those that completed my survey. I guess birds of a feather, do flock together. ha!

Second most popular reasons for blogging were photo sharing @ 29% and 'cheaper than therapy' @ 28%. OK this is very compelling data to support my thesis that many bloggers suffer from some sort of depression. Or maybe that was just me that day.

The only other stats worthy of note (>=25%) are:
- 37% of my readers do not blog for cause awareness. We know someone else out there is doing this for us.

- 25% do not blog to share information with family and friends. No no no, we can't have that. We want to be anonymouse except with our blogger friends. (Picture of anony-mouse at right) -->

- 28% are dorks and don't know why they are on this planet ... ah, er... I mean ... why they blog.

ImageChef.com - Create custom imagesDo you prefer reading or writing blogs?
WOW! and knock my sox off! 82% said they like to read and write their blogs both equally. Oh ya and 13% were honest enough to tell us that they prefer to just write on their blogs. I guess they figure if they didn't visit others, they would never get any readers / comments back. Ya think?

2% divulged that they prefer to just read blogs. Those are the lurkers. Not ready to share their story (yet), or maybe never will but like living vicariously through the rest of us nutcases who blab our entire life history, sexual history, memories, faux pas, wishes, wants, tragedies, pets, families, post every photo we've ever taken and think that we're creating a legacy for our children / pets / families in case we die tomorrow. Did I say that out loud? I think I may have just taken blabbing to a new level. Gimme five!

Blogroll Please
How often do you try to visit your regular reads?

42% try to visit their regulars daily with 37% every few days.
About 18% allow real life to get in the way of their blogging. Sheessh!!

How many blogs are on your posted personal blogroll?
Wide variety here. The top being 21% with more than 50. YIKES! 37% have between 10 and 30 on their blogroll. The rest are spread around but 12% don't have a blogroll, they just read blogs from their favourites. Whoa!

Once you add a blog to your blogroll do you feel compelled to visit them regularly?
38% said that they kinda do so they don't usually add them to their blogroll until they're sure they want to have them as a regular read.
24% said YUPPERS! No doubt about it.
14% said no they can do what they damn well please with their blog and visit who they damn well please when they want and how they want (if they want to be naked when they visit them then so be it!) ~ well that isn't exactly what they said but you get the picture.
12% said that they add and delete from their blogroll all the time (guilty here)

Do you have other blogs you visit that are not on your blogroll? Check all that apply
60% said they are still in the interview process with the blogs that they visit that are not on their blogroll. Ah hah! You didn't know there was an interview process to be added to a blogroll did you?
33% said they just lurk on some sites, so I guess that's why they don't want to add them to their blogroll. Must be P0rn sites. It's okay, I know my readers well. Your secret's safe with me.
12% said they don't have their personal real life friends / family sites on their blogroll. Yeah and why would they? Otherwise we'd all go and torture these people with our comments and they'd say "Who is this freakin' loser idiot?"

Comments, comments, who wants comments?
What is more important to you, quality or quantity of comments?

51% said quality of comments is very important to them. Oh baby... come to Mama! That's exactly how I feel. 28% said this was important. 7% said quality of comments was not important at all. Oh those must be the ones with advertising who just want volumes of comments. Evil ... pure evil, I say. Whoops, ... I think I just lost a few readers.

35% said comments in general are very important to them. 45% said they are important. Well heck, why not? 5% said comments are not at all important to them. Oh why can't I be like that, just blab for my own sheer enjoyment?
41% said lots of comments is my goal and 39% said this is not important to them at all. We have a dichotomy here folks. What's a dichotomy? It's a relative of an oxymoron.

This one really gets me.
Neither quality nor quantity of comments matters to me ~ 52% said this was not important to them. Does this mean it is important to them (i.e. double negative) or it's not? I think I need to go back to survey writing school.

64% said leaving comments on other sites is important, and 23% said this is very important.
So the bottom line is most people must want comments or otherwise, why do they say it's important to leave comments on others sites. I'm a frackin' genius!

You didn't really think I was going to send you flowers did you?Are you a lurker?
77% said they generally comment at some point on sites they visit. Bravo! A bouquet of flowers for you!

Do you participate in the following blog site tools / traffic generators? Check all that apply
Quite frankly I missed some important tools in this question as my internets pointed out I missed Bloglines, Site Meter, RSS Read Feeder.
Blogrolling was the most popular at 37% (BTW I just joined as my lead up to my 300th post). Blogexplosion 30% and Blogmad 7%.

OK, that was all so interesting and fun. BTW, I got 50 responses, so I think that makes it qualify for a highly scientific survey, don't you?

Thanks for taking the time to respond, internets. The survey will remain open here if someone new wants to take it just for the heck of it. (pssst....Tell your friends) Click here to take survey

Here are the results. I used SurveyMonkey and according to the help you should be able to see the results, unless it's just for Premium users. Tell me if you can't.


Oh and BTW, if I haven't told you lately


mist1 said...

Hey, that was really great. Thanks. Although, I am worried that I suffer from depression now.

Cheeky said...

Way cool!

michele said...

ICL that was a
very good read.

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

I'm in that 14% that is naked when visit since I only visit you between all the porn sites I'm a regular at *ROFLMAO*
Oh, my mistake, that turned out to be our own photo site ;-)
Actually, I'm mooning you right now! HAH!

Bluepaintred said...

i totally had to do the survey im damn sad i missed it the first time around. i uh, am gonna add you to my book marks, but not my blogroll...yet LMAO

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Oh, forgot to say that I really think that u did this survey so excellent - I love your conclusions from it the most!!!!!!

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Mist1 ~ don't worry be happy!

Cheeky ~ back at 'cha!

Michele ~ why thank Q! Thanks for visitin'! *smiles*

Mrs. LC ~ of course you know I wrote that part just for you ay? oh and Fab of course. hee hee

Bluepaintred ~ atta girl! *giggles*

Mrs. LC (again) ~ so do you think I should be nominated for a Rhodes Scholarship or Nobel Peace Prize? I'm gonna skip right by all those blog award thingys ~ they're rigged anyways, right? *giggles with you*

Bellezza said...

Holy Smokes, ICL! That was like a whole dissertation or something! What a lot of interesting facts; I'm glad to see that for once, I fit in the normal range. If any of us bloggers are normal, that is. I really enjoyed reading your results, and thank you for making it simple to do so!

Mr. Fabulous said...

This is very cool stuff. I think you are right about a great many bloggers suffering from depression.

michele said...

Fab is right i'm so depressed
that i can't think of anymore
bullshit to write about.

I'm totally bullshitless.
But i'm still a human being

Irish Church Lady :) said...

Bellezza ~ "Normal is as normal blogs" ~ Forest Frump

Mr. Fab ~ you think it's cool? Well then will you sign this nomination form then please?

Michele ~ memes work when I run out of bull$hit.

Goofy Girl said...

Very interesting! I'm glad you shared the results I was very curious about them.

Anonymous said...

I found that interesting and having taken the survey I was interested to see how I fell compared to others. Very good post, thanks for the work on that one.

Pam said...

And I thought I was a nerd!

But...don't you see, depression is a lot more rampant than you/we know. And IMHO..it's diet/malnutrition based.
S'my story, based on my observations, research and gut feeling and I'm stickin' to it.

If you ask the average person who exhibits several s/s of depression, if they are depressed..they will tell you they are not. Hell, when I was in the midst of suicidal ideations...I would (and still profess) to have NOTHING to be depressed about. And I didn't. I was severely Vitamin B deficient amongst other things.

I have slowed way down on my blogging and have found other things to occupy my brain. Exercise, projects...oh, that might be just for the holidays but I have other's in the wings waiting for my spare time.

I have more spare time now too and still don't blog as much. I think you go thru a 'crush' phase, then a 'honeymoon' phase, then a 'reality' phase and then settle into a liveable routine. At least I hope so.
I'm so glad I can visit and not get kicked off. I can't wait to get my MS Windows upgraded and fixed.

Lisa said...

Now that was an info-filled post! I wouldn't say bloggers are depressed-it's just that we have lots to say! :-)

happy and blue 2 said...

That was a lot of information. I didn't understand any of it, ha,ha..

Carol said...

I really enjoyed reading this. I seem to fall somewhere in the middle with most of these stats, altho I can assure you most definitely I do not blog NAKED! (maybe in my pjs sometimes, but not NEKKID!!)..LOL...

I learned something here new today! This is good....

Happy Holidays to you and yours, ICL!!