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Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas Stocking

Fleur de Lisa is a little slow getting her Manic Monday post up this morning so I'm going to post something I've stolen from her blog. (I get a lot of my cool toys from Lisa!)

How well do you know me? Do you dare to add to my stocking what I really want for Christmas?

Xmas Stocking

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Mrs Lifecruiser said...

...and I'm not talking about 1 bottle of Tullamore Dew here, the box is beside the stocking, it got too heavy....

You weren't ready with your xmas shopping hah? *lol*

Lisa said...

Oh I love to give prezzies! :-) I wish you lots of rest, good times with family and fond memories of your dear sweet Mum!


Gattina said...

He, he I stole it too ! I found it so funny. She always has something to steal, I become cleptomaniac. You ask me if I had been a very liberate mother. I don't think so but I never have forgotten that I had been a child before becoming an adult. Maybe that's why. Of course I set limits you have to, but this you learn by experience from getting adult. As a child you don't know them. I have some pictures from the big Christmas tree in Brussels.

mar said...

OOOps, I think I didn't enter the gift right but I love your Xmas stocking!!!

mist1 said...

I think I just put myself in your stocking.

Debbie said...

YOu need chocolate in your stocking but I bet your really want a new IPOD!