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Tuesday, March 13, 2007

Karma's a bitch

Ahh ha ha ... I spoke too soon .... rubbing in my good fortune by bragging about my performance review.

My blog review at So Many Blogs, So Little Time .... ah, numberwise, ain't so hot at 40%ish.

However, she loved the blog header (Thanks all go to Goofy Girl!). Hated the sidebar, but then they usually do in these reviews unless the sidebar is so short it's almost empty. I don't love my sidebar but I love the blog grouping headers. They're funny in my head. And ya, I don't read 'em all anymore, but I did read all of them at some time or another. It is time to thin the herd, though, I acknowledge.

Content - she wants more personal writing. As my regular readers know, I do that here some days but also on ICL Talks and maybe a little bit sprinkled in the memes on About ICL.

I guess one of the reasons I like to vary it up here is because I get bored of reading the blogs that are just personal blogs and always about that person or their kids yada yada yada. Just my preference, so if I don't like that as much, I'm certainly not going to turn around and blog that way. Having said that, I haven't had that many personal posts lately because (a) it's a little too painful and (b) what I have said is on ICL Talks.

Tell me ~ how do you feel? What are your preferences? Not that I necessarily will change anything drastically, because, as they say, this blog is for me... but I am curious to know other bloggers opinions. Aren't I always? Monkey survey queen speaking here.

I think the best thing I got out of the review is that Sexy Simone said "You have a good writing style, try using it for good :)". That is really what I wanted to hear. I enjoy writing and I like my writing style. It's just nice to hear when others appreciate it too!

P.S. Manic Monday and other recent quizzes and memes over at About ICL


mist1 said...

I have been trying to use my writing style for good and not evil. It's very hard work.

You know, I come here because we're good old friends, not due to ratings or rankings or anything else. You remember me from way back when and I love it here. I sort of feel like we know each other.

Now, I feel all awkward from my rare moment of sincerity. Please, look away. I don't want you to see me like this.

Tug said...

aw, you made Mist misty - heh. If that's the worst they can say to you, you done good my friend. Seriously. And I, like you, enjoy coming here because it's always something different - I like that!

Christie said...

booooo hiss to them! i come here because i like the way you write, i like your "office" stuff, and honestly, i think your sidebar with the link love is cute! i like your site, so phooey on them. i just randomly found you and i keep coming back, and i'm sure i'm not the only one!!! :)

kailani said...

Hmmm . . . I wonder if I'm brave enough to submit my site? I think yours is great as it is.

L.L. Barkat said...

I am just rereading The Soul Tells a Story. In that book, Wright notes that all creativity has meaning. It is all working on something inside of us that needs to be dealt with. So, in that case, if you are writing what you want, this is surely the most important thing. It's your soul. Your work. We are just spectators.

Goofy Girl said...

I like your content :)

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Now, these reviews must be very tough to do right. I mean: we all got different taste, so what's nice in one's eyes may not be that in anothers....

Besides that: I like it when blogs are personal in that way that it mirror what the blogger want to write about, what the blogger want to show us with her/his blog - not what's common in the blogosphere or what OTHERS want. It's YOUR blog and it should mirror what you have to say to us. I, as a visitor should just accept that.

We have blog freedom in my mind :-)

BTW: Mellis earlier post with the suitcases picture gave me an idea:

Why not start ahead with the cruise in that sense that we all post about what we're all packing for the cruise on this thursday?

For the ones that participating in Thursday thirteen they could make it a 13 list!

In this way we also get some more "advertising" for the cruise. It would be fun to have as many as possible with us on the cruise :-D

We've already spoken about advertising it in the Wordless Wednesday posts, but it can never be done enough.

I'll pop over to the others blogs and suggest this at once :-)

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

Oh, and I love your blog - otherwise I wouldn't be back here :-)

Fleur de Lisa said...

Hmmm... I think that this is all very subjective. I went over to the review site and some of the sites they ranked highly just weren't to my liking. I think it's a personal preference thing.

I don't know HTML very well, nor do I have the time or inclination to fiddle with my blog all that much. It's okay but it could be "prettier" whatever that means! ;-) My sidebar is atrocious too, but oh well! I like the crap I have on there.

Honestly, I love your blog, ICL. You are fun (and funny) and you have a heart of gold. I'll always keep coming back, because I love ya'!

Sorry for rambling on so long- I guess I had lots to say about this.

Wethyb said...

I don't always like to post personal things either, or about just my kid or whatever. Sometimes I like to tell a joke or something funny that happened or something. I think your blog is just fine.

Bellezza said...

I guess my first question is, "Under what authority does she presume to judge?" I mean, does she have a PhD in Blog Evaluations? The whole thing is sort of audacious in my mind, that one person would dare to critique another person's blog as (if she was Simon Cowell). That said, I'm often stumped myself about what to write. I'm not sure I want to be so personal I feel vulnerable, yet I don't want to be an icy piece of steel either, and just post weather reports or something. I love your writing style, your quirky personality with it's wonderful sense of humour, and the knowledge of technology you possess. I love how sometimes you are willing to be vulnerable and sometimes you just want to joke. Don't change a thing; I love you just the way you are.

Carol said...

Well,no matter...I still find your blog totally enjoyable. People with busy lives (such as you) don't always have the time to "write" something. There are also situations where I don't feel "compelled" to share my thoughts necessarily when a picture will do.

We should always be on the road to constant improvement, but all in all, I think you have a mighty fine blog here!


P.S. The mummies were divine. I'll be blogging about this when I get back home.