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Tuesday, March 06, 2007

What's up Flossie?

I'm not a fan of blog ads or PPP and stuff like that. I think I've made myself clear on that point before.

I do, however, like to endorse something that I think is great.

A little bit of background. My teeth are very tight. I don't mean they're stingy, because well, ... how could that be? What I mean is they are crowded. Consequently I never liked to floss. That dang floss was always getting shredded and sometimes even stuck in my teeth. Now what good is that? An inviting breeding ground for bacteria for sure.

Ya so every trip to the dental office I would think am I gonna lie or am I gonna tell the truth about how much I floss? As I'm lying in the chair and they're probing my gums and blood is swirling around my mouth I change my mind a few times about how I'm gonna answer the dentist or hygenist's question "So how often are you flossing?"

"Not as much as I should" is usually my standard answer, but that was getting kind of lame. I also managed to get away with "A few times a week" a few times, or at least I thought I got away with it. They were probably chuckling under their face masks, "Ah-ha-ha, these gums haven't seen the backside of dental floss since the last time her butt was in this chair."

My most recent response was pure genius I thought. "Well I start off really good after my checkup and it kind of peters off to only a few times a week". Lie! LIE! LIE!! Their beady little eyes peering over the attractive monkey masks say to me.

Anyways, over 6 months ago, my hygenist, Laurie (she's also my neighbour but we don't see each other much so she does kinda just feel like my hygenist) recommended that I try the Reach Access dental floss tool and she gave me a free one to take home. Even better than that was the advice she gave to go with it. She said to dip it in mouthwash and floss.

So I gave it a try, because I really like Laurie, but I figured this too shall pass. I also changed my routine and started flossing in the morning after I brush. At night I was always too tired. One more thing to do after brushing was just more than my tired eyes and body could take. When you do it in the morning, it makes sense because you're dipping it in the minty mouthwash and your teeth feel all clean and fresh. I run the Reach flosser under the tap every once in a while, do another dip and floss some more. I rinse my mouth with the remaining mouth wash and am fresh as a whistle.

So if you're reading this still it must mean that I care for you and the feeling is mutual, otherwise why would you stick it out this far? So did you know that gum disease is a serious cause of shortening your lifespan? So since I love you and all, and if you're not a good regular flosser like MIST1, then I would really like you to try out this product and process.

I've been flossing regular at least 5 times a week with this and that is waaaaaay better than before. Laurie was so proud!!

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mist1 said...

Sweet Lord, I love this post. I think I may love it inappropriately. I will go now, before I tell you how much flossing makes me excited.

Debbie said...

I don't floss as I should and they tell me each visit I make! I should do better and know it because I had surgery on my teeth ten years ago for bone loss and let me tell you flossing is a piece of cake compared to that! But you are right. It takes time and I am just too lazy. Now my hubby is a fanatic about it and does his every night before bed!

Wish I was so dedicated! Bet your smile is much prettier for your efforts and your hubby thinks your kisses are sweeter too!

Gattina said...

You wrote in my comments :
"I'm only a fair weather participant on CATS on Tuesday" and what do I find ? a story about flossing teeth, a dentist cabinet and horror ! Where is your cat ?? did you leave her with your dentist ? Poor thing !
You could have put this post for a "bitter laugh on Tuesday".
I hate dentists !

Maribeth said...

My dear, I read this post to the very end. Those of us with dental issues can appreciate your honesty!
You know what I have recently discovered and love? My electric toothbrush! I never thought I would but I do!

mar said...

I floss every night, brush my teeth 3 times a day, 2 minutes with the electric toothbrush at night, I use the small interdental brushes (2 types) every night and I use mouthwash. I think I am obsesive...

kailani said...

I try to floss every night but sometimes I barely remember to brush my teeth! LOL!

Dawn said...

ohhh i need to floss more often. my dentist tells me every visit...floss!

Carol said...

I've spent a lifetime in dentist chairs and have lots of fillings. I don't like to floss, but I know it has definite advantages as you get older. I try to floss several times a week, but I do brush twice a day and gargle often too.

Interesting post!

Slainte, dear lady!

Mrs Lifecruiser said...

I floss, but not good at it obviously since I manage to push down the left overs in the gum instead of getting it out! Result: inflammations in the gum is on the way constantly. Maybe this tool vcould improve it for me, so thanks for the tip!

Though I have to say that the new electric brush I have does wonders comparing to a regular toothbrush. I'll NEVER go back to manual brushing again!

Pam said...

just saying hey...."HEY".
I should floss more and have the same "tight" problem you do.

Fleur de Lisa said...

Yes, my dear ICL- the hygienist does know when patients lie about flossing. :-)

I am big on flossing- hey, it's even on my list of 103 things about me.

I'm so proud of you, my little flosser! hee hee!

And I love the dentist. ;-)

FlossMan said...

When the dentist / hygienist asks 'How often do you floss' what they are asking is 'How often do you lie'

Flossing in the morning is almost a complete waste of time.
The most effective time to floss is shortly after the last meal / snack etc of the day. Also after breakfast and lunch.
FlossFirst, then brush. Flouride paste, soft brush. (Electric is easier.)
> No cavitites, no halitosis.