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Thursday, September 28, 2006

Thursday Thirteen - Search Engine Terms

Hey's it's week 60 but my #14 of Thursday Thirteen!!!
I missed last week. Did ya miss me? LOL

OK so I don't have the version of Site Meter that you pay for but Fab taught me how interpret how and when my site is found via a search term on Google, Yahoo, whatever.

So I've been saving them up for a few weeks to get some real doozies. Actually they're mostly pretty lame but still some surprises. So in the order of popularity, the most popular being first, here are the common search terms linking to Irish Church Lady's site ~ Slainte ~ It's only me ICL


how to say slainte, slainte pronunciation etc. LOTs of those! understandable, it doesn't look like it sounds. Slawn-cha


Terri Irwin church, what church were steve and terri irwin married in, church terri irwin married, " Queensland’s Great Barrier"steve"irwin"foto", http://crocodilehunter.com/ boy, and just a few short weeks ago this wouldn't have even been on the list - RIP


video code for vicar of dibley- johnny depp, dibley depp - oh ya!, gimme some pirate!


words of wisdom for little kids two wrongs dont make a right, words of wisdom raising kids - ok so here's my brief rant. How come they never had shows like SuperNanny and Nanny911 when I was raising my brood? I must say I really enjoyed the Teenage BootCamp show. Why can't that come on again? Rant over.


movies blogspot - boring, there must have been a googleplex of pages with this as a search term!


"How the car changed the world" - ya I said that. Good search phrase. Alotta students will be reading my blog when they do their project assignments on the automobile or combustible engine I'm sure. Is this a good thing or a bad thing to be readin' Irish Church Lady's site on a school night?


"war time house" - ya I said that too. Used to have me one of those. Cute little bugger. My first home I bought. It was built in the 1940's.


"irish booty" - want some? - it's on my blog somewhere


gyn exam foto - oh dear, now kiddies move along.


hump a lady - oh my word. I don't remember saying that! OK so now we're starting to join individual words into phrases. I'm starting to understand.


September 2006 and heidi bressler - ya I talked about her from THE APPRENTICE


irish poems about dead father - I did not have a poem about my dead father! No I did not! First of all he's not dead. Second of all, ..... I may have referenced a poem in a blog about me dead mother though. :-)


HUMOUR - I saved the best for last. So that's my all time favourite. And it's with a 'U' people. My site came up on Page 2 of this search. Page 2 dammit! Don't believe me? ... Well I knew you wouldn't so I saved a screen shot of it. Take a look.

I rest my case.

Good day to you!

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We'll blog about it tomorrow!

Woo Hoo!



Candy Minx said...

Hi I DID miss you last week. Good to see you up and running. Aren't word searches hilarious! I always post a list of the qord searches, so fascinating!

Hey, I am having ana rt gallery opening over at my blog today. It's my 300th blog post and week#9 for TT. I have 13 paintings on display.

I HOPE YOU might stop by for a drink and a visit.



The Naked Nerd said...

You were missed! Even though I don't do the T13 yet, I do enjoy reading about it on your blog ICL. If I didn't enjoy your blog, I wouldn't keep comming back! :)

YellowRose said...

I've done this kind of thing also, it's amazing how your blog is connected to some searches!! LOL

Funny list, and wtg on the page 2 for humour!!! ;)

Happy Thursday, mine is up!

mar said...

I look at my list sometimes and wonder what people think when they end up with MY site, lol! it's always fun. Happy TT :)

Anonymous said...

Very interesting to find out what search terms people used to find your blog. :)

And of course humour is spelled with a "u". Only the Americans don't know how to spell properly. ;)

Happy TT. :)

Lisa said...

Great list, ICL. I recently started paying attention to my site meter- and oh my! It is quite a shocker sometimes to see what people come up with.
Have a wonderful Thursday!

helen said...

Hello, thanks for visiting my blog. Yes I love standard poodles, mine is 2 years old, his name is Karo. Actually I would like to have one more poodle ( sad they are very expencive...). Happy thursday :)

Shannon said...

Wow... so crazy!

Have a great Thursday!

Carmen said...

seriously? you get searches for Irish booty? Damn girl! ;)

Mr. Fabulous said...



Well now I have to adjust my thinking...

mist1 said...

I love seeing how people find me via google. Always cracks me up.

How do you take a screen shot?

Knitting Maniac said...

I DID miss you last week!

Welcome back, and Happy TT!

Ghost said...

It is fascinating to do this once in awhile, isn't it?

Have a Happy!

Tug said...

the Boot Camp show - I loved that show!!!

Happy TT!

MysteriousLady said...

LOL! I have them too.

Some of them are just plain weird.

I've done my 13, it's just blogger SAYS it's up , and I don't see it. Oh well I tried!

Mandy said...

Hump A Lady - Oh my lol. It's so strange what links to a blog :=)


Anonymous said...

I've often wondered how you come up with the searches used to find you. I know that my site meter gives me the Google searches, but I hadn't thought about using those in a Thursday Thirteen. Good idea!

Come over and visit my TT.

Chelle Y. said...

Those search engines come up with weird stuff sometimes. :)

Dane Bramage said...

I'm just glad Google quit dropping people looking for "Naked Nuns" to my blog! Happy T13

Anonymous said...

Ahhh Google!!! You can love and hate it at the same time :)

Happy weekend!